Tree plantation- an act of being grateful to the nature

Tree Plantation- An Act Of Being Grateful To The Nature

Tree plantation- an act of being grateful to the nature

Tree plantation- an act of being grateful to the nature

As said by Lohn Keats, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” The thing which is beautiful lasts forever. Nature has always proved to be a good friend by providing us with our basic necessities. 
From purifying air to providing shade and woods for construction and various other activities trees have played a significant role to fulfill our needs.

We must remember that the trees are very essential and we must start growing more trees in our surroundings for the sake of next generation to give them a beautiful and healthy environment. We should keep in mind that the deforestation will lead to the extinction of many animals.

Our history is an evidence of the value given to the plants and the various initiatives our ancestors undertook to prevent deforestation. They have sacrificed their lives and livelihood too in order to save these sacred gifts of nature. Moreover the scenic beauty of nature, the greenery we enjoy adoring at,  the melodious birds that make our morning beautiful are all existing due to these trees.

By planting trees one can contribute for the sake of entire humanity. Purified air improves the quality of life and supports not just humans but also animals.We should plant a tree for the every tree we uproot in order to maintain the tree population.  You can volunteer activities for planting at least one tree per year. If every birthday is celebrated by planting a new seedling, our nature will not be deprived of oxygenated air and some of the major problems like global warming and ozone depletion will be resolved.



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